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Why Would Business Need Accounting Software ?

Key to success in any business is the management of accounts ie monitoring and managing income  and expenses. It does not matter how well is teh business if there is no proper  management of accounts , income and expenses then the business is doom to fail very soon.Any accountant know how to use a pencil and paper to manage accounts using the old school of debit/credit to each transaction , whether its an income or an expenses. Its the basic principle of accounting. While managing business accounts using  pencil and paper isnt bad , there are few questions that one needs to address before taking any direction from the old school of a pencil and paper to manage accounts

Key Questions :

Reviewing Ezy online accounting package

You can review the system by visiting here, and login using username : demo and password: demo. After you login click that demo company name ABC…. and there you are. Review all the system features by creating transactions as many as you can to see and test all features of the system including accouting , payroll management and inventory management.

The system is very flexible , easy to use and comprehensive featuring all standard reports which run by user variables to make very flexible and user friendly financial information. The system features the following features among many

General Ledger

Cash Management

Bank Reconciliation

Fixed Asset Management

Capital Accounts

Profit & Loss Statement

Expense Claims

Account Receivable

Account Payable

Estimates & Quotes

Purchase Orders

Billing & Invoicing

Credit Notes

Delivery Notes

Sales Orders

Stock & Inventory

Time & Service Billing

Billable Expense

Balance Sheet

Statement of Changes in Equity

Trial Balance

VAT, GST or Sales Tax


Custom Fields

Customizable Invoices

Chart of Accounts

Journal Entries

Aged Receivables

Aged Payables

Customer Statements

Remittance Advices

Comparative Reporting

Project-Based Accounting

Bank Statement Importing

Recurring Billing

Cash-Basis Accounting

Accrual-Basis Accounting

Departmental Accounting

Payroll Management

Manufacturing Management

Email Templates

Drill Down Reports

Why small businesses can not afford it ?

Its obvious that to have a clear visibility of the  financial performance of any business , one needs proper tools to be able to get report and be instantly informed of the  numbers that the business is giving , in income or expenses. It comes as a truth that many if not all business will need accounting software or accounting system to be able to manage and monitor financial performance of a business.

But the fact is , not all business have the ability to acquire or afford these accounting software since some of them will require huge initial cost of investment plus annual subscription fee for its license  maintenance . This will put many small and medium  business at disadvantage to adopt these financial accounting  packages/system in their businesses , not because they don’t need it , but because they can’t afford it

why use online and not on-premise installation ?

Ezy accounting software offers affordable business accounting solution for small and medium businesses to manage their financial accounting information whle offering business owners and managers with an insight to monitor their businesses. Ezy accounting software is affordable , very flexible, comprehensive , easy to use and accomplishes almost all standard accounting practices that one need to manage and report financial accounting

Its affordable to many businesses because

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