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When  it happens you have a business challenge and you don't know which way to go or what might be a solution to the problem then that is the right time to call us and seek an advice from us, just for free. What you have to do is send us your problem description

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We are the leading solutions provider in IT and electrical solutions. And by partnering with major world solutions manufacturers such as Microsoft , Citrix,Dell, HP, Kaspersky , Lenovo etc we are able to almost offer an unlimited array of solutions to any business challenges

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About our company

We are solutions provider and Information Technology consulting firm ,specializing in solutions provision and system integration.We are also a  solutions provider and electrical consultant. attending and addressing various challenges that our clients faces in their business and industries. Our most aim is to improve productivity and efficiency of the working processes

Established since 2012 in Dar es salaam , Tanzania as a small company focusing in provision of various ICT services such as provision of hardware and software (solutions) , we have since  grown and expanded our focus and services that we offer

We now have full spectrum of solutions in power and energy solutions on top of various IT solutions that we have been engaged since our inception in year 2012. Our focus has been addressing business challenges that hinders growth and productivity of client businesses

We are a registered contractor as registered by contractors registration board of Tanzania as specialist electrical contractor and given registration number SPE3/706/05/2017 . The registration enable us to work in areas of telecommunication , ICT and security systems , both as a service provider and supplier

The same company is also a registered electrical contractor as registered by contractors registration board of Tanzania and given registration number E5/316/02/2020. This registration qualifies us and makes us eligible to carryout all works related to electrical power installation , maintenance and repair such as construction of HT lines

Fuel monitoring system

Fuel theft if left unattended can lead to huge losses to the  business. It doesn't matter whether it happens from a fuel tanker or construction machine or a vehicle , it all leads to losses that would normally impact business profits


Fuel monitoring system ensure that one gets instant  information on fuel theft from the remote vehicle , machine, generator  or a tanker wherever such theft happens through computer or a mobile phone in real time basis.When you have control on fuel level you can be sure that all the fuel is being consumed by the machine itself and not be stolen

fuel level monitoring system - bosc business solutions

A fuel tanker carrying load of fuel sometimes on long haulage eg upcountry regions  better be equipped with fuel level sensors and monitor fuel volumes in its chambers so that the load of fuel gets delivered to its final destination safely without being compromised

Online accounting system

Any business needs proper financial management  no matter how small it is. Without good financial management things will get lost without clue  and business is unlikely to grow. One needs tools or financial management system to be able to properly manage financial information . In this case business needs among others good accounting system to manage business accounts . The reasons many small businesses don’t employ accounting system to manage their business is because of overall cost of investment . The cost of ownership and the cost of maintenance is considered to be high for many small businesses . Ezy online accounting system is meant to help small and medium business to overcome this challenge. It’s an affordable , secure , an easy to use and comprehensive online accounting system that offers all standards features necessary to manage business accounts .

To start using the system simply subscribe to the service .In case you need to evaluate the system before subscribing then get to try the accounting  system  here for free. Use user name : demo and password: demo to login into a demo company and after that just click the company name to start going around the system features . We do offer user training to those willing and subscription is monthly and you pay small nominal charges monthly while focusing into your business issues.

Subscription for Ezy online accounting system starts at $45 /month. The whole package includes features like accounting , inventory management and payroll processing.Its doesn't limit number of users.All users from anywhere can simultaneously use the system using right user's roles and privileges.

Our technology partners

In adopting and solving various problems and business challenges , we work and adopt  various solutions and technologies from our partners around the world be them manufacturers or global distributors. We are official technology partner to many world leading technology manufacturers and distributors.Our aim is to take the client business to the next level by adopting various solutions that works and improve productivity and efficiency

customer feedback device - bosc busines solutions
digital touchpoints - bosc business solutions
customer feedback system - bosc business solutions
Do you need customer opinion ?

Customer feedback system

Customer opinions regarding services (or products  offered) is very valuable assets to any business. That’s why many serious business such as banks, utility organizations and other public organizations would invest to be able to collect honest  customer feedback. Its customer feedback /opinion that gives business a survival. To know what people want or say about the service or product so that you can improve  and offer more appealing product/service to the customer.If you don’t value customer feedback then business is likely to suffer serious stagnation over long period of time.

When installed in any office whether on a desk , a wall or free standing , this system will enable customers to give instant opinion by clicking or answering the possible questions displayed on the touch point devices. Managers and supervisors will be able to receive this feedback instantly on their mobile phones , laptops or tablets from anywhere over the internet . It’s possible to get accumulated and analyzed feedback over a period of time from this system in the back office . This way will enable the  management get ways to improve service or products they offer and make informed decisions. This way of getting real time feedback(alerts ) from customers helps increase customer satisfaction , understand customer pain points, manage reputation and help business solve problems as they arise  

Business management system

Dynamics 365 business central

The most important asset to any business is its information. Information regarding its customers, finance , inventory etc . As business grows management  of this information becomes cumbersome and sometime if no system are in place , accuracy of such information becomes unauthentic. When business grows , its business functions (departments ) tend to grow too and the movement of information from one department to another becomes even more demanding. More often if no business management system in place to assist data/information flow between the departments , then each business function (department ) will tend to recreate data/information they need on each and every transaction they pass. This is a very dangerous trend , as information from one department , though on the same matter , will never tally with another information from  another department

When this is left unattended over a long period of time , problem may become even bigger and difficult to resolve. When business information from one department cant be reconciled to another piece of information from  another department then it becomes difficult to know the  exact performance of the business . The parameters such as finance , customers , inventory etc becomes unknown to the business . In this regards knowing business health becomes impossible because the data authenticity is also questionable

To address this  one needs business management system . But not just a business management software but the one which sufficiently enable data flowing across all business functions (departments). This enables and improves data accuracy and hence authenticity. More importantly it enables all departments to work as if it is one department because data is almost centralized with proper roles and user privileges built in to improve security .When this is achieved then monitoring of  business performance (or rather business health) becomes possible and productivity among business functions get improved

Microsoft dynamics 365 business central is an  all-in-one business management solution that helps your business connect financials, sales, service, operations etc to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better informed decisions.It’s  one of the robust business management solution that offers an end to end management of any business from manufacturing to financial to customer and vendor management. It gives smooth data  flow across all key business functions eg sales , procurement , inventory , customer interactions to get an end to end view of the business. Chart financial performance in real time with built-in Power BI dashboards. The real time monitoring of the business performance or business health enables the management and other stakeholders make an informed decisions almost on real time basis

Being Microsoft partner , we assist our business clients to transition from existing environment into the environment of Microsoft dynamics 365 business central . Businesses have the opportunity to evaluate the system for 30 days free of charge before adopting into either cloud or on-premise version. Wherever possible we do assist our clients for installation and training of on-premise version  of the solution . This enable clients to smoothly and effectively adopt into the robust and dynamic system that exist in the market today . During the course of the system evaluation other important tasks like data migration from an old system into the new system can be discussed, so that transition get to be smooth and without data loss

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ezy online accounting system

A Demo Account

To be able to try the accounting system use username : demo , password demo

after login click that company name and there you go !....

Take your time to evaluate the system before subscribing to it

what's a cyber threat

Why you have to invest in cyber security

When businesses invests on the computer systems like business management system then there emerges a whole sum of cyber threats  to the information and underlying infrastructure . These security threats varies from damage on the infrastructure , theft of business information and commercial secrets ,theft of money from eg bank accounts using compromised usernames and passwords or smart card information  etc . The possibilities are jut endless.

Unfortunately todate so many businesses don’t invest enough on cyber security . It’s just a subject which is not very common among many stakeholders . Many businesses will invest heavily on infrastructure and supporting business management systems and do little investment on cyber security . some organizations will even revert on using some free internet antimalware tools or seek to use cracked software for defending against  cyber threats  

It’s undisputable truth that there is no single  solution for cyber threats . There is no one shot kills all scenario when it come to cyber threats.The architecture for cyber security has to be multilayered and should be considered from day one when one think of setting up an information technology  infrastructure. Setting up firewalls alone is not enough , neither using the most advanced cyber security software won’t  help either . There should be multiple lines of defense carefully layered one after another .

Today it’s known that majority of cyber attacks will originate from within the organization , from employees and staffs  who are not yet conversant (or familiar ) with most of cyber threats that keep changing every day . One employee will receive and open an email that will open a pandora box and acts as attack base to other infrastructure within the organization

While many organizations /businesses do invest on hardware such as firewalls and malware fighting   software  , smart businesses will too  invest on security awareness on its employees and staffs . The loss caused by security breaches that were resulted from within the organization by its employee is in terms of billions of dollars every year. Investing on cyber security awareness on its employee is the right decision to any business. But giving employee awareness on cyber threats needs right tools /technology and approach so that the cyber threats be simulated and results assessed. Unless when cyber threats can be simulated and demonstrated to employee getting to improve the cyber security awareness of  the employee is difficult and counterproductive and so eliminating employee as a source of cyber attacks can be a challenge

When you need a multilayered approach to the cyber security and when you think investing on improving security awareness of the employees on issues of cyber threats is the right decision then you can reach us and we shall guide you through the very end.