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All-in-one 4K ePTZ Conferencing Camera-bosc business solutions

All-in-one 4K ePTZ Conferencing Camera

4 Mic array/Pickup Distance 10M/4K 30fps/116° Viewing Angle/Built-in 5W Speaker/Bluetooth Remote Control

Unified Collaboration

video conferencing system

Video conferencing systems have been there for quite a long time now , but its use got skyrocketed during the  course of covid-19 pandemic , where there were so much restrictions almost every where for people to meet in person and instead online meetings and collaboration were highly encouraged

Today despite of the facts that  in some region covid-19 is a norm of life many people and institutions are continuing using video conference systems to work or accomplish many of collaboration online. Today the situation with using  video conference has changed so much that even teh governments and worl rgannisations conducs the business meetings online using online video collaborations tools  

Today we see a sharp increase in the use of video conference systems almost every where from medical consultation , education , business meetings, working sessions etc , the use of video collaboration tools as means to accomplish what was once necessary to meet in person is just going up every day. The good thing is somany people now realise that so much can be accomplished online and yet get the same results on per or even better to when people used for physical interactions.   

Instead of people traveling and covering long distances to attend a business meeting somewhere upcountry which could cost time and budget , people now simply setup an integrated all in one video conference system to easily accomplish these meetings . In doing so they save time and money. But even more important is that  the decision making process becomes simple and timely


Artificial Intelligence enabled Full HD PTZ Auto Rotate Voice Tracking Camera

1080p 30fps/4 Mic array/10x Optical zoom/10 Meters voice pickup/Voice Tracking/IR Remote control

What you need to start using video conference system

A lot of people wonders if they can even manage or afford to have these system in place, fearing the cost of investment can be very high. But the truth is the opposite. You dont have to use lot of your penny to start using the system as the means to install and run this system is very simple and straight.


Basically one will need to have a computer , a video camera system , a mic , a TV set, a speaker and collaboration software like zoom or Microsoft teams etc . For example if we are a group of five or eight people and we want to have a group discussion with our peer office in London maybe , all we have to have is an integrated all-in-one  conference camera, TV set , and a laptop.The integrated all-in-one 4k ePTZ camera system has inbuilt mic and speakers with voice pickup distance of 10 meter, enough for most of the meeting rooms


Since this video conference system works with almost all existing video collaboration applications like zoom , ms teams, GoTo Meetig , Face Time, Click Meeting , X-Box etc then you can have this system up and running in no time. Most of the online collaboration applications like zoom or ms teams are free to download and use, so it becomes a matter of plugging the camera to the laptop and connecting a TV set to starting using the system and collaborating with colleague on the other side of the world

which system suits my needs

choosing the right camera system

It true that acquiring , installing and running the video conference system is as simple as plug and play , but getting the right camera system for the right use needs abit of thinking.

One of the key factor affecting the quality and overall functionality of the video conferencing camera is the size of the conference/meeting room. You say you want to install the video conference system in your office, that’s right ! but tell me what is the size of the  conference room . When room size is known then choosing the right camera system is simple and straight.

In this regards its important to get correct consultation from experts before shopping 

use video conference system any where for business consultation , medical consultation , government meetings, education, social interactions , etc

video conference system - bosc business solutions

Your business will perform better when you have it connected by video conference system .Productivity would increase and profit would accelerate. This is because the  video conference system saves time and money 

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