We are solutions provider and IT consulting firm ,specializing in solutions provision and system integration.We are also a  solutions provider and electrical consultant. attending and addressing various challenges that our clients faces in their business and industries. Our most aim is to improve productivity and efficiency of the working processes

Established since 2012 in Dar es salaam , Tanzania as a small company focusing in provision of various ICT services such as provision of hardware and software (solutions) , we have since  grown and expanded our focus and services that we offer

We now have full spectrum of solutions in power and energy solutions on top of various IT solutions that we have been engaged since our inception in year 2012. Our focus has been addressing business challenges that hinders growth and productivity of client businesses

We are a registered contractor as registered by contractors registration board of Tanzania as specialist electrical contractor and given registration number SPE3/706/05/2017 . The registration enable us to work in areas of telecommunication , ICT and security systems , both as a service provider and supplier

The same company is also a registered electrical contractor as registered by contractors registration board of Tanzania and given registration number E5/316/02/2020. This registration qualifies us and makes us eligible to carryout all works related to electrical power installation , maintenance and repair such as construction of HT lines

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customer feedback system - bosc business solutions

Customer opinions regarding services (or products  offered) is very valuable assets to any business. That’s why many serious business such as banks, utility organizations and other public organizations would invest to be able to collect honest  customer feedback. Its customer feedback /opinion that gives business a survival. To know what people want or say about the service or product so that you can improve  and offer more appealing product/service to the customer.If you don’t value customer feedback then business is likely to suffer serious stagnation over long period of time.

When installed in any office whether on a desk , a wall or free standing , this system will enable customers to give instant opinion by clicking or answering the possible questions displayed on the touch point devices. Managers and supervisors will be able to receive this feedback instantly on their mobile phones , laptops or tablets from anywhere over the internet . It’s possible to get accumulated and analyzed feedback over a period of time from this system in the back office . This way will enable the  management get ways to improve service or products they offer and make informed decisions. This way of getting real time feedback(alerts ) from customers helps increase customer satisfaction , understand customer pain points, manage reputation and help business solve problems as they arise