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Many times businesses will fall victims of wrong investment especially when it comes to making proper investment to IT solutions. Many times business will invest in an expensive solution than what their  business requirement needs, or else they just buy a solution which doesn't address all their existing challenges , only to find out that they need to pour in more money to be able to address some of their initial challenges. One needs proper consultation to be able to make proper and useful investment in IT solutions. Not every solution works for every challenges. Business challenges are unique and so their solutions are unique.One needs to know what will address your business challenges at a minimally possible budget. Tell us your existing challenges and we shall advise you on an ideal solution partaining your problems for free. Our advise is free of charge

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Car GPS tracking & monitoring system

Now as low as TZS 20,000/month

vehicle tracking system will show you live position of your vehicle from your phone/computer at any given time and from anywhere in the  world. Additionally it has the following benefits

  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Resource optimization
  • Speed detection
  • Ensure vehicle safety

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